Practical and hygienic packaging to meet all your needs.

Derma GeL® 100mL - 3.4 fl.oz Tube Dispenser.

GeL form.

Easy dispensing tube and flip-top cap for product protection.

Ideal for all types of skin lesions: cuts, scratches, deep open wounds... uncovered or bandaged.

- Round-the-clock  unsurpassed wound care

- Long term moist environment

- Bacterial Control

- anti-inflammatory

- Protective film effect

- Hair regrowth in the original color

- safe to use: competition, gestation, when licked...

- Insect repellent properties

- Reducing healing time by 60%

 See the "COMPARISON" section of this website for all other features.

Packed per box of 10 tubes.


UPC 682 635 01001 4

Derma GeL® 50mL - 1.7 fl.oz. Non-Aerosol Spray.


Fluid form.

Ideal for fractious animals or wounds that are in a location of high mobility. Suited for animal owners that are anxious about applying the gel to a wound (hands-free application).


Packed per box of 20 sprays.


UPC 682 635 0050 1

Derma GeL® 10 mL - 0.34 fl.oz.Tube

Tube 10mL - 0.34 fl.oz.  GeL form - a must for every clinic, first aid kit, travel size...


Individually sealed in a plastic pouch, each tube comes with a handy flip-top cap for easy and precise gel dispensing + a  multilingual leaflet in English, French and Spanish.


UPC 682 635 1060 1



UPC 682 635 05010 2

Veterinus Derma GeL®  Spray 20mL - 0.68 fl.oz.  Fluid form           UPC 682 635 00020 6

A new and compact Veterinus Derma GeL® Spray 20ml - 0.68 fl.oz. was launched for very small pets and exotics.  Pocket-size - slightly bigger than a credit card -, this new spray meets the requirements and expectations of pet clinics, veterinary surgeons, nurses and end users.